• QuietDoorman

  • The Quiet Doorman™ Panic Bar Retainer is designed to protect valuable panic bar hardware from every day use. It also allows you to dog down panic bar hardware even if the dogging mechanism is worn out. This product provides you with a relatively inexpensive alternative to replacing your older panic bar hardware.

  • Informantion

  • General Tool & Die Co., Inc. was founded in 1946. Compound, progressive and form dies are just a small example of the tooling manufactured at our state of the art facilities. The Door Latch Division was established in 1982, inspired when the second generation owners invented the Quiet Doorman™ panic bar retainer..

  • What you need to know

  • To find the retainer that is right for your application. ¹Determine bar shape and diameter. ²Measure the distance from the mounting surface to the outside edge of the panic bar while the bar is fully depressed. ³Match this information and desired options for the stock number and price of the retainer suitable for your hardware. Each retainer on the price list can be adjusted at any point between the Min. and Max. Reach. For additional reach, 5/8" shim plates are available (See the Shim plate and accessory page).

About our Company

  • General Tool & Die performs complete die design, construction, and maintenance for form, progressive, single hit, short-run, and compound dies. Additionally we design and fabricate fixtures and other tools. In addition to these services we do production machining, production wire work, experimental tooling and prototype work.

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